1 J1939 Simulator: Part Number DFLSJ1939BV1

The DFLSJ1939BV1 simulator is designed to simulate the truck or car's ECU using J1939 protocol. It uses the DFL-SJ1939 IC with compact size. You can use free configuration software to customize the source address and 8 bytes of device name, and provide 2 extra customized PGNs. Now you can customize CAN bus baud rate to 500Kbps instead of 250Kbps. The configration software is free. You can download right now. New version 2.00 allows you to configure VIN#, and you can select J1939 DTC frame format from version1 to Version4. Furthermore, you can use our free  PCTOOL software to change PGN value in real time. If you want to control the PGN value in real time by your own software, please email us, we can provide interface protocol if you purchased our DFLSJ1939BV1 and tell us your invoice No/Company name.
Compared with CAN Bus Analyzer and Simulaor (Part No: DFLCAN001), the DFLSJ1939BV1 has good real-time performance due to hardware timer. And it can work without PC computer.

Price: US$ 159.99 when you order 2 pieces   It was US$198.88 (19.55% Off)

Price: US$ 149.99 when you order 3 pieces   It was US$198.88 (24.58% Off)

Price: US$ 139.99 when you order 4 pieces   It was US$198.88 (29.61% Off)

Price: US$ 134.99 when you order 5 pieces   It was US$198.88 (32.12% Off)

Price: US$ 129.99 when you order 6 pieces   It was US$198.88 (35.14% Off)

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2 OBD2/J1708/J1587 Simulator: Part Number DFLSOBD2 

The OBD2/J1708/J1587 simulator is designed to simulate the truck or car's ECU using OBD2- compatible protocols (7 protocols) and J1708/J1587 protocol (Total 8 protocols). It can monitor data packets on the  vehicle data bus by RS232 of PC, and give some reasons of communication mistakes.  It  makes the developers easy for debugging their OBD2 or J1708/J1587 firmware.

We can customize different VIN# as customer's request.

.Promotion Price US$269.99 for any 2 protocols  It was US$349.99

.Promotion Price US$359.99 for any 5 protocols  It was US$599.99

.Promotion Price US$439.99 for all 8 protocols  It was US$899.99

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3 J1939/J1708/OBD2 Spreader to UART interpreter : Part Number DFL168A

The DFL168A IC makes a UART port to access  heavy duty vehicle data (J1939/J1708), middle or light duty vehicle data (ISO15765), spreader data, GPS data, one-wire I-Button, analog/discrete inputs,  and discrete output. Furthermore, DFL168A will output vehicle speed PWM and Vehicle forward signal automatically.  PWM frequency is directly proportional to vehicle speed. The scale is configurable. It is a good solution for fleet management systems with AVL which only has 1 RS232 or UART port.

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Are you tired of reading datasheet? and tired of understanding OBD2/J1939/J1708 Protocol? Don't worry, Just use our DFL168A Arduino library for Arduino Platform and DFL168A STM 32 API for STM32 Arm Cortex MCU platform. It is very simple!  The Library and API have two versions: synchronous version (block function)  and asynchronous version (non-block function). 
For Arduino Platform, please click Synchronous Arduino Library for download synchronous version library.  Please click Asynchronous Arduino Library for download asynchronous version library.  How to use the Library? For pdf manual, please click DFL168A Arduino Library User Manual pdf Format  for downloading. For chm manual, please click DFL168A Arduino Library User Manual chm Format for downloading.
For STM32 Arm Cortex MCU Platform, please click STM32 Synchronous API for download synchronous version API.  Please click STM32 Asynchronous API for download asynchronous version API.  How to use the APIs? For pdf manual, please click  DFL168A STM32 API User Manual pdf Format for downloading. For chm manual, please click DFL168A STM32 API User Manual chm Format for downloading.
For Android Platform, please click DFL168A Android Library for download Android library. How to use Andoid Library?For pdf Manual, please click  DFL168A Android Library User Manual pdf Format for downloading.For chm manual, please click DFL168A Android Library User Manual chm Format for downloading. For user example, please click DFL168A Android Library Example Code for downloading.
For Cross-Platform, please use our Python synchronous version API.  Please just use "pip install DFL168A" to install module.  How to use the APIs? For pdf manual, please click DFL168A Python User Manual pdf Format for downloading. For chm manual, please click DFL168A Python User Manual chm Format for downloading.
For Microsoft Windows platform, you can use DFL168A .Net Framework Component. Please click DFL168A .Net Component for downloading, which is free of charge. With the help of DFL168A .Net Component, you can easily write your OBD2/J1939/J1708 Software. How do we use this .Net Component? It's easy. Please click DFL168A .Net Component User Manual for download User Manual.
How about the other platforms such as iOS? Please use Xamarin.In this way, you can still use DFL168A .Net Component. 

4 J1939/J1708/Spreader to UART interpreter Module : Part Number DFL168AM

This is a module of DFL168A. Small package (like PDIP32) makes integration more easier. 

Promotion Price: 49.88US$. It was 72.00US$

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You can still  use our Arduino Library and Microsoft .Net framework Component for this module. Please read item 3.

5 Modbus Slave Search Tool (Microsoft Window Platform Software):  Part Number: DFLMB-Search-001

If you don't know your Modbus Slave Device information, this software will be very useful for you. This is a tool software for searching modbus salve. After search, you can know the following facts about your Modbus salve:  

  • RTU or ASCII
  • Baud rate: one of  4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 56000, 57600, and 115200
  • Modbus ID (or called Modbus Device address)
  • Addrees range  for Discrete , Coil , Input, and Holding Register.  And Holding register is Read/Write or Read only.
  • Supported Function Code (FC)
  • SunSpec Protocol Support information

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6 J1939/J1708/ISO15765 Bluetooth/RS232 Adaptor: Part Number DFL168AD1(Both Bluetooth and RS232), DFL168AD2 (RS232 Only)

This adaptor can use Bluetooth EDR or BLE  and RS232 to access J1939/J1708/ISO15765 data from vehicle, and it can detect siren sound signal from fire-truck or police and ambulance truck. It can control 1 open-drain digital output and get 2 digital inputs. And it can get I-button value. At the same time, you can access GPS or spreader data.

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7 Modbus-Jbus RTU Slave / J1939-CAN Gateway:  Part Number: DFLJ1939MOD1

The Modbus-Jbus RTU Slave to J1939-CAN gateway  is designed to translate J1939 protocol or CAN Bus raw data message to Modbus/Jbus RTU protocol. From the perspective of modbus network, CAN BUS and J1939 network become an Modbus/Jbus RTU slave node.  You don't need to write any code to implement this translation. You just use our free configuration software to configure once.  This free configuration software must be run in Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10.  Now you can download  it by click ModbusJ1939Configuration

Promotion Price: US$ 99.99 It was US$238.88

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8 J1939 Simulaor IC: Part Number DFL-SJ1939

The DFL-SJ1939 simulator IC is designed to simulate the truck or car's ECU using J1939 protocol. The IC can be used in the test equipment for J1939 device in the production line. it supports both 8 bytes data and length up to 1785 bytes data.  You can use free configuration software to customize the source address and 8 bytes of device name, and provide 2 extra customized PGNs. And you can customize the CAN Bus baud rate to 250Kbps or 500Kbps. The configration software is free. You can  download right now. The configuration software can run in Windows XP or higher.   The IC is available in 28 pin DIP (300mils) or SOIC Packages.  The latest IC version is 2.00 which supports setting up PGN value by PC in real time. Please download our free software ( Pctool.zip ) for monitoring simulator in real time. And VIN number can be configured by customers by free configuration software.

Price US$39.95

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9 Modbus RTU/ASCII Dual Masters adaptor : Part Number DFLDMB1

  We know that only one Modbus Master is allowed for Modbus RTU/ASCII network. For commissioning or troubleshooting, It is not convenient. We cannot easily examine the Data In Modbus network. 

  Usually every vendor of Modbus slave device will provide GUI software (PC Modbus Master) to examine/control device behaviour. In general , we cannot use this GUI software to examine device behaviour when device is put into Modbus network because of single Modbus Master limit ( Modbus network already has one embedded or PLC modbus master). However, with the help of our Modbus Dual Masters adaptor, we can use this GUI software to examine device behaviour even though there is another Modbus master controller in the network. In addition, our Modbus Dual Masters device can do baud rate transformation, and RTU/ASCII transformation. So two different Modbus network can be connected together even though they have different baud rate or one is RTU, the other is ASCII.

  For convenience, we can use Bluetooth UART (SPP Profile) to replace truly UART

The configuration has to be done before you use them. The configration software is free. You can download right now.

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10 Isolated CAN Bus Analyzer  (Support J1939 & CANOpen)  and Simulator (Support J1939): Part Number DFLCAN001

This CAN Bus analyzer/Simulator provide 3KV isolation voltage between CAN Bus and PC. The both Analyzer and Simulator Software are free. You can click download right now for Analyzer software. You can click download right now for Simulator software.
The analyzer software supports J1939 and CANOpen.  Another feature is that we provide .net WinForm component for C# and VB.net.  So customers can use Visual studio to develop GUI application. We provide document for how to use CAN BUS .NET component.  Please download .net document now, and please download .net component now.
The simulator software supports CAN bus and J1939.  Graphic State machine make customized CAN bus device simulation easily.  You just drag/drop state, and write simple script.  For J1939, the state machine is option.  The simulator software folder contains 3 examples for J1939 and CAN Bus.
And this software provides one virtual serial port for you to send simulated parameter values in real time in your own software.  It means you can use MATLAB/Simulink to create simulated parameter values and give it to our simulator software. 
We have source code example for how to integrate simulator software into customer's software. 
Please click download for integerated simulator sample source code now.
Compared with DFLSJ1939BV1 simulator ( Part No. DFLSJ1939BV1), this software J1939 Simulator provides maximum flexibility, you can simulate any PGN by configuration device. And you can monitor all PGN activity.

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11 Modbus Server Simulator: Part Number DFLMBS001

When you develop controller which controls Modbus device, you need actual Modbus Device. However the Modbus device such as storage battery or inverter or DC/DC Converter is very big.  Or sometimes, intentionally you need device has faults. It is not convenient to test in Lab environment.  Our products "Modbus Server Simulator" replaces actual big Modbus device or faulted device, and you will easily develop or test your controller without actual Modbus device.  And you can view Modbus device internal variables in real time.  This is universal simulator.  We provide GUI state machine tool for you to describ your specific device behaviour. You create state machine by mouser drag/drop operation. And you just write simple VB script for each state.  Our one simulator can simulate 5 devices. The PC utility Software is free. You can download right now.   If you want us to create state machine and write VB script for your specific machine, please contact us, we will charge for some labour cost.  In datasheet, we provide Alencon SPOT device for free.  In future, we will provide more devices for free.

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12 J1939 Deutsch 9 Pins cable attachment: Part Number DFLDC9CV1  (for DFLSJ1939BV1)
Part Number DFLDC9CV2  (for DFLCAN001)

This is a Deutsch 9pins cable for DFLSJ1939BV1 or DFLCAN001.  The cable DFLDC9V1 is for DFLSJ1939BV1, and cable DFLDC9V2 is for DFLCAN001.

13 J1939 Deutsch 9 Pins cable attachment: Part Number DFLDC15CV1

This is a Deutsch 9pins cable for DFLSJ1939BV1 and DFLSOBD2

14 J1962 DB9 Cable attachment: Part Number DFL-J1962

This is a DB9-J1962 cable for OBD2/J1708/J1587 Simulator.

15 DB9 Cable attachment: Part Number DFLDB9Cv1

This is a DB9 cable for DFLSJ1939BV1